Soona offers next-day professional photos and videos starting at $39. We’ve partnered with them to do in-kind sponsorship because we wanted to use their awesome service to create content for Freelance Business Week Denver. We spent an afternoon at their studio and created four amazing videos along with some wonderful photos that we are using to promote #FBWDen.

Our experience was amazing. We signed up through their website and booked a time to come into their studio (1235 S Broadway). We worked with them to create a script and shot list beforehand. When we arrived, they had everything set up for us to shoot our videos. After some snacks and cake (it was Kaitlin’s birthday the day before), they led us through the shoot. There was a teleprompter with our script and friendly encouragement from their team. In the course of an afternoon, we captured enough content to create four videos, and also took photos of objects that might adorn a freelancer’s workspace.

The next day, our videos and photos were in our inbox ready for use, as if by magic.

We are thrilled to have Soona as a sponsor, plus they will be hosting three events at their space during Freelance Business Week Denver and offering all #FBWDen ticket holders deep discounts on their first session!

If you need professional photos or videos done at a reasonable price with quick turnaround, there’s no better place in Denver (or Minneapolis).


50 speakers and 60+ sessions are waiting for you!

Get 10% off your tickets with code: FBWWW

50% off for onsite childcare throughout the week from Nanno.

Check out some of the beautiful work Soona did for us.


Thanks to our sponsors for making this event affordable for our local freelance business owners