Want to get involved with Freelance Business Week? Get yourself in front of Denver’s freelancing community. There are loads of ways to get involved.

Sept 30 – Oct 4th.

Tech Tuesday

Have a product or app you want to get in front of Denver’s freelance community? We’ll be hosting a whole day of demos and showcasing your tech.

Self-Care Day

We want to help freelancers to feel and be their best, both mentally and physically. And if you can help with that, we want you there! We’re looking for all kinds of providers who can help on that day (giving massages, for example), and also for people who can teach freelancers how to take care of themselves daily—moving forward.


At the end of the week we’ll come together to network and show off our wares. Have art, books, or other material you’d like to provide to the freelance community? Buy a spot to do it.


Make friends, make connections, and make a difference. Volunteer to help Freelance Business Week be a roaring success. We have many different ways you can get involved, whereby you can gain experience and the satisfaction of knowing you helped make our event great. Plus you get a free ticket!

Help Us Spread the Word!

Whether you’re a blogger, an influencer, or a media mogul—or if you just have a modest newsletter—we would sure appreciate your help in getting the word out about Freelance Business Week Denver. We’d be happy to do some quid-pro-quo promotion for you, too, if that works. Check out all our promotion resources here.

50 speakers and 60+ sessions are waiting for you!

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50% off for onsite childcare throughout the week from Nanno.