The Experience

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for independent workers and their communities. Learn more about what kind of experience we are creating for you!

    #FBWDEN Schedule 

    Sept 30 – Oct 4, 2019 

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    50 speakers and 60+ sessions are waiting for you!

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    An Event Designed For You!

    We’re expecting a lot of awesome sessions throughout the week. Our plan is to organize them into daily themes and along tracks to help people choose what’s right for them.

    Our tracks target different kinds of freelancers, those who are just starting up, those of us who are established, the digital nomad, and the creative artist.



    Make your freelancing dreams a reality.
    This track is for anyone looking to get started or to dive deeper into freelancing. Do you want to turn that side hustle into a full-time job? Or just leave your job and become your own boss? Follow this track to learn the basics and get what you need to set off on the right foot.


    Level up your career.
    You’re making it work as a freelancer and you love what you do. But now you’re thinking about leveling up. Maybe you could launch some new products or income streams. Or focus your niche or find new clients. Get inspired with ways to level up your business, learn new skills, meet new people, and give yourself a brighter future.


    Live your best life, anywhere you want.
    This is for current and aspiring nomads who want to explore the world while maintaining a freelance business. If you want the stability of a healthy career but the freedom of an untethered lifestyle, this track’s for you. Get your learnin’ on, and live that camper life, friend!


    Your passion can be your job.
    You’re a creative making the world a better place through your expression. Learn how to get paid for living your passion. We will help you understand the boring stuff so you can get back to what you love.


    Each day is broadly themed to bring us through the process of leveling up our freelance experience.

    Intentions + Inquiry


    This is where we set our intentions for the week and for leveling up our freelance experience. Identifying our brand or the name of a new product. We will inquire within ourselves and with each other to better understand what we want to get out of this week and the future.

    Tech + Tools


    Tech Tuesday is all about learning what tools are out there to help your business thrive. Get demos and test-drive the latest and greatest business tools. We’ll have representatives showing off their wares all day.

    Taking Care of Business and Yourself


    Mid-week is where we take on the hard stuff. Taxes, lawyers, incorporation, state laws, contracts, insurance, and all the other terrible things no one wants to bother with but everyone wishes they did. Not to fear! We will also focus on taking care of ourselves and each other.

    Level up


    It’s time to take what you’ve learned and implement it. Today we will put together our pitch, get our headshots, and get confident promoting our best qualities. We are putting the pieces together and working it.

    Make Things Happen


    The end is just the beginning. You’ve leveled up; now it’s time to show off what you’ve got. A full day of connecting, collaborating, sharing, and scheming together! We’re all about relationships over transactions, so today is all about finding your community (and your next gig).