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Thank you for promoting Freelance Business Week Denver to your group! This is our inaugural year, so we’d love your help getting the word out to freelancers and partners in the Denver area (and beyond). This five-day conference will be a great opportunity for all freelancers, independents, and solopreneurs and those who serve them, with many opportunities for learning, connecting, and business-building.

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September 30–October 4, 2019

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The big idea:

The future is freelance. And this conference is going to help make it great.

More and more people are “going freelance”—for the flexibility, the freedom, and the increasing opportunities offered by our changing economy. So Denver is hosting an exciting, transformative conference for this fast-growing segment of the workforce. FREELANCE BUSINESS WEEK DENVER (#FBWDEN) will offer five days of learning, connecting, collaborating, and skill-sharing for freelancers—and those who are contemplating freelancing. With workshops, presentations, panel discussions, and special events throughout Denver, attendees will learn to build their freelance business—and connect with other freelancers who can help them.

Here are just a few of the week’s highlights:

Ignite Freelance – The evening of Monday, September 30, will feature Ignite Freelance, and you’ll want to be there. An Ignite talk takes only five minutes, with the speaker’s slides advancing automatically every 15 seconds. Tons of fast-paced, informative, entertaining fun!

Tech Tuesday – Tuesday, October 1 will be dedicated to technology! An entire day of hands-on workshops and one-on-one office hours from tech solutions that can make freelancers’ lives easier.

Thursday GLAM Session – A pack of pros will be on hand to help freelancers promote themselves beautifully: stylists, makeup artists, career coaches, photographers, and videographers. Get some great content for your website, advertising, and social media. 

Friday Networking Expo & Marketplace – October 4 will be dedicated to the not-so-secret ingredient for success: networking! And tickets are free! Creators will be selling wares, and there will be lots of friendly freelancers to meet and connect with.

10% CODE: FBWFR42NDS19 – we want to give our friends a 10% discount on tickets, buy them here: fbwden19.eventbrite.com

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