The Speaker Application for #FWCB is open for 2020.

Session dates are June 20-21, 2020, the organizing team will provide a location, do the marketing and have a host available at the location to welcome guest and introduce you to the attendees to kick off your session.  

This is a strict no-promotion event, meaning we want the attendees of all sessions to learn about you and from you without being sold to. We want them to see and experience your knowledge and passion for your craft, our experience has been that this tactic increases the number of people that will stay and ask questions and convert into clients for you. 

If your session is selected we will have more details on how to navigate this teaching style and how to get the most out of your time supporting #FBWCB and your fellow freelance business owners.

 Select a Format for Your #FWCB Session

We have found four different formats that have proven over-and-over to engage the audience and provide the speaker with an opportunity to shine. In your application you will be asked to select a format that will best suit you and your presentation, there are four types:

  • Interactive Workshop – just like it sounds, this is a workshop where the attendees will get their hands dirty learning the topic presented.
  • Interactive Panel – this requires you to pull together the panel participants and moderator for your topic. The moderator will need to be able to pull in the audience to participate in the discussion.
  • Fireside Chat – these are intimate conversations about topics that really need a safe space for the attendees to participate. A faux campfire is put in the middle of the room to set the stage for you.
  • Talk – this format is also just like it sounds, you will present a topic from the front of a room. These need to be interactive, informative and interesting to the audience.

The organization committee has its own session selection committee, once the applications are reviewed the speaker coordinator will reach out to you, either way, to let you know the status of your submission.  

Please note: There is no travel or speaking compensation offered.