Freelance Business Week

Austin, Texas

April 19-23, 2021

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What We Have Planned

Connect You with Peers

You’ve heard and/or experienced the isolation of freelancing, there is a way out. Meeting your peers, the people that understand how it feels and welcome a friend and colleague like you!

Break Through Challenges

Working alone makes it almost impossible to find solutions to challenges fast. When we share our lessons learned, we all move forward faster.

Level Up Your Business

You have goals and dreams of what your freelance business should look like. It’s the common thread of all business owners, regardless of size. Finding the path there is where #FBW shines.

Close The Gap

Finding answers to the questions you don’t yet know to ask is a sure-fire way to catapult your business. The gap between you and success ends at #FBW.

Build Lasting Relationships
Watch Your Business Grow

We talk a lot about connecting with your peers to help support yourself as a freelance business owner. That’s a huge benefit … you know what else comes from great business connections?


Our founder, Emily Leach, shared with us that her freelance business brings 100% of her work from connections. 



Intention. Impact. Purpose.

#FBW2021: Future Of Freelance

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Stay Connected to #FBW Austin

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