FREELANCE BUSINESS WEEK 2020 – Sept 14-18, 2020

#FBW embraces the local freelance ethos of each city it is hosted in, this year we will meet the challenge of extending this mission – virtually.

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#FBW embraces the local freelance ethos of each city it is hosted in, this year we will meet the challenge of extending this mission – virtually. The local organizers in Austin, Buffalo, Miami and Tampa are collaborating, bringing local freelance business owners, leaders and supporters together for five days to expand your network.

Virtual sessions throughout the week consists of workshops, interactive panel discussions, talks from experts, and breakout sessions in a safe space for all of us to connect and grow our freelance businesses.

Join FREELANCE BUSINESS WEEK virtually this year … led by local peers, backed by The Freelance Conference. Where possible, some city organizers will be offering in-person watch parties with limited attendee availability, social distancing to keep everyone safe.



#FBW was just the push I needed. This event changed my life by hearing from people who knew their sh*t…it reinvigorated me!

~ Maria

#FBWCoastalBend, 2019

Freelance Business Week was the perfect addition to the freelance community. With so many experts in their fields, there was so much knowledge being shared, not only from the speakers, but within the audience as well. That is what freelancing is all about! 

~ Stephanie

#FBWBuffalo, 2019

Freelance Business Week was very helpful in attracting new freelancers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to our space. With a range of offerings and programming, FBW kept all guests on the edge of their seats and eager to learn, connect, and collaborate

~ Sean

#FBWBuffalo, 2019

is an extension of the annual Freelance Conference

#FBW is no ordinary conference or gathering of people …
It’s all about your freelance business and your local freelance community!

#FBW is designed and organized by local freelance business owners … we know how having community and collaboration can catapult your business, #FBW is where you will be with your tribe. Our aim is to help you expand your network, strengthen your business skills and build momentum through inspiration and learning tricks of the trade.

Each #FBW is made up of a wide variety of session topics, types and venue locations across the city. You get to decide how much you want to attend, what days and where. Presenters from the local city and outside come together to share their lessons learned, provide a safe space to learn and connect.

Break out of your comfort zone, engage with your peers and watch your freelance business grow.

When was the last time you dedicated time to working ON your freelance business?




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